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Mediterranean music at the crossroads of its peoples’ influences and memories. 
After having immersed myself in the Corsican tradition, putting the orality of the island and the creative force of its thousand-year-old songs in pride of place, I decided to continue my exploration and connection with the land of oral tradition.
Indeed, I love the collective historical construction of the music specific to each culture, be it learned, popular or traditional. I like the fact that they are at the same time rooted and in perpetual movement and that they testify to the universal existence of each being.
These songs, which have come down to us, resemble the peoples of the world who have sung them and passed them on for centuries.
Polished over time, these tunes touch us today because they carry within them, in different layers, the particular existences of those who have preceded us, and bequeath a sensitive heritage, without borders.
"Yeroushalayim shel zahav", this Israeli song draws its sources from an old Basque lullaby.
"Nana", a popular Andalusian lullaby, with soft and introverted colors.
"The mastic grass pickers" popular Greek melody about the daily life of women pickers, in a sweet way.
"My grandfather's garden", a Lebanese lullaby with multiple influences.
"A ya Zain", Egyptian song, heiress of a several thousand year old civilization, with multiple roots.
"Nami ya hanin yami", a Palestinian lullaby with influences from all over the Mediterranean basin and Bedouintradition.
"Dormi, dormi o bel Bambin", a very pretty lullaby which draws its source from the Italian culture, where singing is the main means of expression.