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Celebrating women ! A program for female voices with Corsican lullabies of reorchestrated oral traditions, "voceri", funeral songs of "vendetta" and sacred pieces that call for contemplation.

Catherine Simonpietri’ note of intent :
A society is reflected in its songs, particularly if it is governed by orality.
In Corsica, polyphonic singing was born from the earth and from faith, and has always been reserved for men.
These powerful songs, of oral tradition, both sacred and profane, tell the different stages of the islanders’ daily life in religious, as well as in family and social events.
In this concert, I decided to put women back in the spotlight!
The all-female program presents monodies and polyphonies from the "Casa" (domestic), the "Piazza" (public square) and the "Chiesa" (church) that evoke the multiple aspects of Corsican women, saints, mothers, sisters, vociferous women…
At the heart of this program are the "Nanni" (lullabies), secular monodies harmonised by François Saint-Yves, which evoke the unconditional love of a mother for her child.
As their counterpart, we have the "voceri", funeral songs of "vendetta" and sacred pieces that call for contemplation.
A cappella concert for 6 female voices  :
Sacred songs (the woman at the chiesa - at the church)
Voceri (the woman in the piazza - in the public square)
Harmonized Corsican lullabies (the woman at casa -  at home - the mother and her child)
Program order :
A NANNA - Corsican lullabies harmonized by François Saint-Yves
Purpose : These monodies in the Corsican language selected by Catherine Simonpietri refer to the intimacy of a mother's unconditional love for her child. Corsican women give rhythm to life with songs, as necessary to charm our fragile childhoods as they are to console our sorrows. One finds in them all the influences of the various barbarian invasions of this coveted Mediterranean island.  The orchestration for six female voices by François Saint-Yves offers a new approach in our world of today, beyond the intimate mother-child relationship and the island's borders.